Consider the Benefits of Leasing

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For some drivers, financing the purchase of a new or used vehicle is the most sensible option. For some other drivers, however, the benefits of leasing make it the more appealing option. If you have never leased a new vehicle before, you might be surprised at how easy and economical it is compared to the alternative. Before you decide how to proceed with your next vehicle purchase or begin the leasing process, explore the benefits of leasing available to you through Nimnicht Buick GMC in Jacksonville.

Six Major Benefits of Leasing

Some drivers mistakenly assume that leasing is just a short-term financing offer. In fact, it is a completely different way to satisfy your driving needs. And it offers advantages you won’t find anywhere else. Here are six to be aware of:

  • Cost – You will likely pay a lower monthly payment, and you may be able to avoid a down payment entirely.
  • Value – Because of the cost savings, you can get behind the wheel of a nicer model or trim than you thought your budget would allow.
  • Warranty – Most lease agreements come with a warranty that covers all your scheduled maintenance. Drivers tend to pay less for service with a lease agreement.
  • Variety – After just a few years, you turn your vehicle in and get to start driving something new, exciting, and updated.
  • Simplicity – Once you lease agreement is up, you simply turn your vehicle back in to the dealership. Its the fastest and easiest way to get rid of a vehicle.
  • Taxes – You can avoid paying sales taxes by leasing. When considered together with the other cost savings, this proves to be the smart option for drivers who want to pinch their pennies.

Learn More about Leasing at Nimnicht Buick GMC

The benefits of leasing are something all drivers should consider, but that doesn’t mean financing is not the better option for some drivers. Learn more about buying vs leasing, and rely on our friendly sales team to help you find the best option for your needs, wants, and finances. Make the short drive from Orange Park or St. Augustine to visit Nimnicht Buick GMC in Jacksonville.

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